Thursday, August 7, 2014

Quick and Easy Healthy Lettuce Tacos

Quick and Easy Healthy Lettuce Tacos

My kids love eating this variation of tacos using romaine lettuce leaves in place of the taco shells.  It's so funny to me that they'll eat the meat right out of a leaf of lettuce but won't eat it shredded on a taco shell.  The "recipe" is not complicated enough to even require directions, but I will share a quick tip with you for getting the cheese nice and melted, whether you're using taco shells or lettuce leaves!

When the meat comes out of the pan, mix in the shredded cheese and stir together in a bowl until the cheese is fully melted.  Then add it to your tacos, top with a little more cheese and your veggies.  Super easy!

Another tip for nights when you don't have time to even cook the meat for tacos:  Make some taco meat ahead and store in the freezer.  Then, when you're in a rush, all you have to do is heat it up in the microwave.  And bam!  Dinner is on the table in under five minutes!

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